What is Ensemble?

Ensemble. Phonetically, ahn-sahm-buhl.

It’s a word I know. I like it. It’s Frenchy (so, ahn-sahnbluh). Among other meanings, it means together.

Defined simply as “all the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole.” Relating to music or theatre parlance it is “the united performance of an entire group of singers, musicians, actors, dancers”.

Together. Us. The group. We. A Collective. Ensemble. Yes.

When we combine, we are better. When we work together we move faster. When we are together we have more fun. We don’t go it alone, we rely on each other and in so doing we achieve better results.

We start and stop together. A chorus line. We breathe together. A brass quintet. We rise to our feet. A stadium crowd. We become something else entirely because we are together.

Even a traffic jam is a form of an ensemble. Not the most productive example, but definitely something that does not happen by one’s self alone.

…all the parts of a thing… Not anonymity in the crowd, but a voice contributing to an overall timbre of the symphony.

Partners moving forward. Together.

An Ensemble. Yes.


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