Sooo… Katrina brought home a magazine article from the doctor’s office, titled “The Backyard Beer Garden” and it got me thinking.

She’s been planting a lot of succulents lately, actually starting back before last Christmas when we gave some as holiday gifts to friends. Definitely wielding her green thumb and adding to the greenery inside and outside our home.

Anyway, I’ve been inspired to try my hand in the soil cultivation world rather than just being a semi-passive observer and the muscle loading and unloading from our trips to the local greenhouse, plant nursery and garden supply stores.

I’ve decided to grow hops.



And with those hops, I plan to make beer.



That is, to cooperate with our friends and home brewers Jody & Laurel to make a beer together. Katrina and I will share the bounty of hops we grow and in turn we’ll borrow J&L’s expertise and experience to brew a joint bottled venture I’ve preliminarily titled Sharehopper. Get it? Share…Hops… Sharehopper!

Ale? Pilsner? Kolsch? Lager? Not sure yet, to be determined…

So I’ve ordered four different kinds of field grade hops in an attempt to test varietals and sun/shade placement.




and Liberty

I ordered from Great Lakes Hops (aka Dutch Touch Growers) and the rhizomes should arrive soon. Then it’s time to plant, water and wait to see what nature has in store. I chose mainly on name, but ultimately to test flavor (duh, beer!) once they mature and are harvested.

Hops Vine

I’m not promising frequent updates, but the occasional snapshot or lesson learned may appear here on the blog and likely on my twitter and instagram feeds. (p.s. Follow me!)

If you’ve got any experience or tips you’d like to share on growing hops, send me a note! Any advice is appreciated.

Until next time,




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