That was refreshing…

…just back after a few days off the grid. Not too far, but just enough.

We went camping for three days at Point Mugu State Park, just north of Malibu and the LA/Ventura County line (Sycamore Canyon to be more specific).

Three days of no cell phone (gasp!), no email (double gasp!), no instagram, no twitter (yikes!), no blogs, no electronics at all to speak of. Just a tent, some sleeping bags, a campfire and a grill grate, a camp stove and a lantern, a pocket knife, a couple flashlights, some kitchen gear, a cooler full of groceries with as much ice as I could cram inside, and a Polaroid (OG instagram?) to capture candid moments for posterity. Three days and two nights of seeing stars by firelight, hiking along hillside trails and fire roads (actually most of the forestry and vegetation was depleted by a recent wildfire) within the canyons of the park grounds, beach visits and sun lounging, even an encounter with a raccoon!

Our camp cookery menu included eggs and bacon with coffee for breakfast, a simple packed lunch while hiking, campfire grilled carne asada fajitas for dinner, with cinnamon apple cobbler for dessert. (No boring, messy s’mores here!) Breakfast the next morning was oatmeal with blueberries and bananas topped with honey, another light lunch of fruit and a simple sandwich, then dinner of stuffed baked potatoes (with taco meat, beans, grilled peppers and plenty of additional fix’ins) and a fresh cucumber and tomato salad.

Now we’re back at it, renewed by the fresh air and sun-kissed skin that nature provides. A quick respite away to enjoy summer in southern California. I hope you have a chance soon to do the same!

Just a reminder… I’m raising money for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles through donations by racing in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Read my original post and DONATE HERE. Thank you!


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Man on the move, Director @ensemblezkg, Host of @DesignInConvo Podcast, Triathlete, CrossFitter, Ironman CA 70.3 Finisher
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