Chapter 2…

…Year in Training Recap.

So it’s the 31st of December and I thought I’d tally all my recorded training and races for the year in addition to the other items I could be focused on… My data was spread out across two devices (Adidas MiCoach on my BlackBerry and Nike+ from my iPod Nano) as well as inconsistent updates on my twitter feed.

I’m barely cataloging swim distance. I only have a few pool sessions written up, nothing from actual workout data – need the right counter for that – and no total count on ocean swims at Zuma either. So this is definitely short by a few miles. (+/- 3 or so) Longest swim was 1.2mi during my IronMan 70.3, though some pool sessions were over 2k.

Swim Total: 7.31 miles

Biking, a little different story. Most of my rides were tracked, though a new bike computer is a definite need for this next year. I’ve also slacked off lately quite a bit. No excuses, just an observation. Maybe a commuter bike purchase would add to my consistency? We’ll just see. Long ride was 64 miles.

Bike Races: IronMan CADay at the Beach TriPCF Beach Cruiser Tri (Watching the Tour of California finish Downtown does not count, but thought it was worth mentioning.)

Bike Total: 369.36 miles

Running is definitely the most often tracked activity for me, though not every run was cataloged. Also, I’m not adding any of the various 400’s, 800’s, 200’s or track night distances from my CrossFit training, though the miles there have contributed well to speed work and improved form (efficiency?) since adding CF to my training. Longest run was 19.66 in just over 3 hours in February.

Run Total: 229.45 miles

That’s over 600 total miles or about the distance from my house to Tuscon, AZ on Interstate 10.

Curious now to see how far I go next year!!

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