Chapter 1…

…begins with our hero/protagonist (Well, I’ve never thought of myself as either a hero or protagonist. Somewhat more of an antagonist at times, but not so very much a villain.) …Anyway, it starts with him/me at a crossroads.

What is the next step?

“Follow your dream.”

What dream?

“Have you even been dreaming lately?”

Our tale continues in anonymity, as this has not yet been shared other than on this page here, having not been broadcast beyond the assumed safety of an autobiographical blog post. Where does it go? Who reads it? These are questions yet to be answered. Together.

Comments encouraged. Share your thoughts below.


About zkgraff

Man on the move, Director @ensemblezkg, Host of @DesignInConvo Podcast, Triathlete, CrossFitter, Ironman CA 70.3 Finisher
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